SEE THE CHILDREN is an advocacy project building on the two films My life my lesson and Say Something. The two films were directed by award-winning director Åsa Ekman, and produced by Film and Tell.

1 in 10 children in Sweden grows up seeing, hearing or knowing of violence occurring within their family. Research shows that this can be just as traumatic as being directly abused. That is 1 in 10 children that don’t feel safe in their own home or with their parents.

The two full length documentaries, give a 360 degree view of this issue.

In My life my lesson  we meet 17-year old Felicia and her siblings trying to cope with everyday life amidst their fathers abuse of their mother. It is a film about the relationship between the child and the perpetrator.

Say Something is a coming of age film where we meet 19 year old Isabell who is trying to enter adulthood despite the violence of her childhood. The film takes place some years after the violence has occurred, and focuses on the relationship between the child and the victim.

Together with a strong alliance of partners , without whom SEE THE KIDS would not exist, we set a goal: We wanted to have reached at least 1 million pairs of eyes with either of the films by 2021. Today over 11 million people have seen the films.  We also set a goal to by 2021  strengthen the legal status of these children giving them status as palintiff. The Swedish government has started a special investigation to do just that. Besides this, we have lifted and keep on lifting the urgent question regarding extensive treatment and support for children growing up witnessing domestic violence.