We promise to translate this full site to English, but since making films and social change sometimes gets in the way we apologize in advance for just giving you a short summary below. However, if you would like to show the films or just reach us in other matters, please drop us a line and we’ll get back to you with material in English.

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About Film and Tell – FILM FOR CHANGE

Film and Tell is a film company founded by award winning director and producer Oscar Hedin. Today we are a staff of three working full-time with the production and distribution of documentary films. Film and Tell carry out projects that engage, entertain and create food for thought, but perhaps most importantly, films that aim to create positive change – Film for Change.

The company released its first documentary in 2013, the short documentary Go Straight Home, directed by Maud Nycander and Iga Mikler. Followed by the documentary diptych My life my lesson/Say Something in 2015-2016, directed by Åsa Ekman. (See more about the films under next chapter – SEE THE KIDS)

At present, Film and Tell has a strong slate of seven projects in development and production.



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SEE THE KIDS, an advocacy project building on the two films My life my lesson and Say Something directed by award winning Åsa Ekman, produced by Film and Tell.

1 in 10 children in Sweden grow up seeing, hearing or knowing of violence occurring within their family. Research shows that this can be just as traumatic as being directly abused. That is 1 in 10 children who don’t feel safe in their own home or with their parents.

The two full length documentaries, give a 360 degree view of this issue.

In My life my lesson  we meet 17-year old Felicia and her siblings trying to cope with everyday life amidst their fathers abuse of their mother. It is a film about the relationship between the child and the perpetrator.

Say Something is a coming of age film where we meet 19 year old Isabell who is trying to enter adulthood despite the violence of her childhood. The film takes place some years after the violence has occurred, and focuses on the relationship between the child and the victim.

Together with a strong alliance of partners ,without whom SEE THE KIDS would not have existed, we have set a date and shaped a plan: Our goal is to by 2021 have reached at least 1 million pairs of eyes with either of the films. Today, 323 718 have already seen them.  By 2021 we also aim to have strengthened the legal status of these children giving them status as palintiff. By this time we will have lifted the urgent question of expanded treatment and support.